Looking for ways to have an edge over your competitors? A business blog is your answer!

25 years ago, blogs did not exist. Today, there are over 250 millions of them!

Over the past few years, blogging has become a real social phenomenon. It started as an online journal where individuals would share opinions, feelings or experiences. But today, blogging is not just an individual’s hobby but is rather an influential business tool where bloggers frequently update different types of content for customers, readers or general public. It is now a platform used by millions, from individuals to big businesses.

Whether you are a blogging amateur or a professional blogger, a business blog is a must. Here is why:

  • It connects people to your brand
  • Higher level of customer engagement and interaction
  • It gives you expert status
  • It helps your social media profile
  • It provides additional organic traffic from search engines

Nowadays, it is very difficult to acquire visitors on websites, however, having an active and well-written blog on your website will help you solve this problem in a number of ways.  Why not include blogging as part of your marketing campaign? Here at Sphere Media Technologies, we have a team of passionate writers who can update your blog frequently, with meaningful articles. Our expert bloggers will write not only to increase your audience engagement level but will also improve your SEO to help you be among the top in search engine rankings.

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Our reach is global. We are based in Mauritius but we provide bespoke digital marketing services for both local and international clients.

digital-marketing-spheremediaAt SPHERE MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES, we like to keep our clients ahead of the competition. The right digital marketing strategy will provide multiple growth opportunities, better consumer interaction and customisation options. Our digital marketing strategy is crafted to achieve what matters most to you, create a unique brand experience and reach maximum potential consumers across the many touch points and channels.

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