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4 Digital marketing myths debunked!

Social media is evolving and that means it’s also changing the way we do business. Although it’s picked up in the last few years, the idea of social media marketing for your business has been around long enough to have spurred a few misconceptions. Sphere Media has

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Luxury brands – Digital Marketing is for you also!

Luxury brands tend to believe that social media platforms are not for them. It’s too “mass” not exclusive enough. But being luxurious does not mean these brands should neglect social media and digital marketing. Let’s not forget that your target market is more connected than the rest

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THE SOCIAL MEDIA 2017 MOVE: Predictions and tips

Today, Business owners and corporate leaders are most aware of the triple mantra to effective marketing strategy: A killing web design, an immaculate social media presence, and an excellent community relationship. However Social media is an ongoing growing platform; With everyday improvements and innovations, business owners should

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How is Google ALLO different to Whatsapp?

Trying to Outlook WhatsApp’s Monopoly isn’t easy stuff at all. However, Google hopes that its new app, Allo, will persuade people to leave WhatsApp, the social media guru, Facebook Messenger and Viber behind. It is indeed an uphill struggle but Allo, which is available on iOS and

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Top 10 trends social marketers need to look out for in 2017

Social networks have been with us for just over a decade but it sure feels like forever. I do remember the first social media platform I signed up to – Hi5! And mind you, it was a long time back. Hi5 gave way to Facebook (FB), Twitter,

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Digital Marketing: Real Estate company’s way to increase sales

Nowadays, companies in every sector need to have an online presence. Many already have a website and are present on social media but is it done intelligently, is it attracting potential client and more importantly has your online presence been able to provide you with solid leads?

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Should you hire in-house or outsource to a digital marketing agency?

The trend since a few years is for companies to hire an in-house team for their digital marketing. The main reason that companies put forward is that an in-house digital marketing team is more connected to your companies and your brands. They have an in-depth knowledge of

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Facebook Remarketing: What you need to know

Why Facebook? Well, because the whole world is on Facebook. So there is a really high possibility that all people who have visited your website are already hanging out on Facebook. And with Facebook Remarketing you could easily reach out to them as many times as you

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From the fine dinette set up to the perfectly centered bow-tie of the concierge-guy, every single detail present within the restaurant environment will be scrutinise carefully and will eventually contribute to its brand proliferation and return on investment. However backstage, the finesse plays a greater role: For

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5 Reasons Shooting in RAW is a must

As a photographer, you’ve probably been required several times to shoot in RAW. Why is it so important and what it really means for your imaging? Let’s clear this out! Here are for you, the 5 major reasons why you should be shooting in raw:   OPTIMUM

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