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IGTV! The new video platform of Instagram

Videos on social media are great tools to reach target audiences. This is why the Facebook owned social media, Instagram has recently launched IGTV. What is IGTV all about? IGTV is a standalone application that allows its users to watch up to 1 hour long videos. Videos

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2018’s top 9 digital marketing trends to act on

The digital environment is dynamic! Digital marketers are always looking for the next trend, to slight changes or new features on the various digital platforms. From increasing engagement and views of videos to high popularity of ephemeral content to increasingly intelligent AI, we will look into the

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Social media platforms keep changing!

Social media platforms keep adding new features to ensure brand and feature evolution based on well-researched user needs and behaviours. We know sometimes it is difficult to keep track of new or removed features. So, here is the latest round-up on what has changed lately.   Facebook

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Chatbots are taking over Facebook Messenger!

Chatbots – we’ve been hearing about them a lot for some time now. But many of us are still wondering just what are chatbots and what they do. A bot is simply a piece of software that automates simple tasks, like booking a cab or a flight.

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Round up of Facebook’s new features – Pt 2

The most popular social media platform, Facebook keeps integrating new features in its platform. In this second article, you will get to know more about some other new features of Facebook. Facebook Messenger games A new feature was introduced in Messenger and much to the surprise of

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Round up of Facebook’s new features – Pt 1

New ways of engaging with your audience and even your friends Facebook Marketing with the newly added features gets even more interesting for marketers. The social media giant keeps innovating with new features that you suddenly realise you always needed. We know it’s a bit difficult to

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Breaking a myth: Social media marketing for B2B businesses!

B2B businesses still believe that social media marketing is not for them. Even to this day B2B companies are still sceptical of the benefits of social media for their business. Nevertheless, social media marketing done in the right way is very effective for B2B companies. We will

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Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan

  Many businesses believe that Digital Marketing has no place in the strategic planning for B2B marketing. This is because traditionally B2B business have mostly relied on above-the-line marketing, work-of-mouth, referrals and networking. One of the most important thing to bear in mind is: Who is the person/business

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Instagram album is here! Instagrammers are loving it and you, companies should too

  Instagram is introducing the ability to add up to 10 photos and videos to a single post, album-style. Users can swipe through to see each individual piece of content in the post. This change means you can essentially create carousel ads for free. For those who are not

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4 Digital marketing myths debunked!

Social media is evolving and that means it’s also changing the way we do business. Although it’s picked up in the last few years, the idea of social media marketing for your business has been around long enough to have spurred a few misconceptions. Sphere Media has

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