We strategically place your banners on relevant, high-traffic, local and international websites to make sure that you are not missing out on any potential customers.

Display advertising may sound like something totally new or complex to you right now, but it is not! Think about how many of your potential customers can learn about your business if you use display advertising to showcase your products and services? Why not even include a call-to-action?


What makes online display advertising unique is that it sells your products or services through several forms, including a visually appealing text, as well as graphics, video, audio, animation and other interactive content which makes it very attractive and eye-catching to viewers. Strategic placement of display ads can increase your chance of getting noticed. Are you hesitant to use banner ads in your marketing campaign? Then have a look at how display advertising can help your business grow differently:

  • Targeted marketing – demographic, geographic and behavioural targeting
  • Tracking abilities – can track number of people seeing the ad, clicking the ad and what they did on your site
  • Increase your online presence strategically
  • Faster brand building and real-time conversion measuring
  • Quicker response when promoting new products or offers

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Our reach is global. We are based in Mauritius but we provide digital brand identity positioning services for both local and international clients.

digital-marketing-spheremediaAt SPHERE MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES, we like to keep our clients ahead of the competition. Digital marketing strategies can provide multiple growth opportunities, better consumer interaction and customization options. Our digital marketing strategy is crafted to achieve what matters most to you, create a unique brand experience and reach maximum potential consumers across the many touch points and channels.

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