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A unique experience created through a Facebook App can create a long-lasting impact on your company’s brand image.

Don’t worry, we can make it easy for you! It is very well-known how Facebook is taking over the digital marketing era. Facebook has revolutionised the concept of connecting with customers, thus forcing businesses to rethink and revise their strategies to maintain customer retention and increase customer acquisition. Now, the question is; “Is a Facebook page enough to promote your business on the Facebook platform? Is this the maximum you can do on Facebook?”.

The number of Facebook users has increased tremendously during the past few years and statistics shows that it is likely to have a phenomenal growth in the coming years. A Facebook page is definitely a fundamental platform for advertising but however, if you want to have an increased customer engagement, then it is a must to consider Facebook Apps. If you are wondering how can a Facebook App be any different from a Facebook page, then have a look at the the following points. With a Facebook App, you can:

  • Conduct contests, quizzes or give-aways to engage your audience in a fun activity
  • Increase your customer base when people share your apps and invite others to join in
  • Complete your corporate social responsibility by raising funds or doing charity campaigns
  • Allow your audience to make appointments or reservations
  • Build communities or games

At Sphere Media Technologies, we can develop your tailor-made Facebook Applications, to help you connect with your customers and meet your specific business goals.

SCRATCH & WIN Facebook Game App for Mall of Mauritius

SCRATCH & WIN Facebook Game App for Mall of Mauritius

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