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LG’s Portable keyboard for Smartphones and Tablets


Smartphones and tablets present an on-screen touch keyboard that is much smaller than that of a standard computer, making it difficult and sometimes inconvenient for users, especially for those who have big fingers. The keyboards present on smartphones are much smaller than standard computer keyboards which makes it tougher to type, and resulting in many errors. Touchscreens may be extremely versatile and a good fit for mobile devices, but one thing they don’t lend themselves to well is extended typing sessions.

Well, if you ever wished that your smartphone had a full-sized, yet portable keyboard, then LG’s got your back with its latest product.

Portable keyboards are invaluable and indispensable when you need to quickly set up and send along an email, or draft a long proposal. The Korean company has revealed a full sized QWERTY keyboard for smartphones and tablets that rolls up into a stick for storage and portability. LG has termed their newest product as the ‘Rolly keyboard’. While, LG has been a very prevalent name in the home-entertainment and appliances, the company has been making its way, expanding its line of tablets, smartphones and wearables in a bid to take on competitors. When it comes to mobile accessories, LG says Rolly is just the beginning.

LG Rolly Keyboard is just one of the many premium input devices we’ll be unveiling in the coming months as we expand our accessories offerings, said Seo Young-Jae, Vice President in-charge of Innovative Personal Devices at LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

The Rolly keyboard is a little smaller than a regular keyboard, as each key is 17 mm, as opposed to the standard 18mm. The keyboard has four rows of keys-two less than a regular keyboard with the numbers and functions key missing. However, numbers, can be accessed on the top row using the function key on the bottom. Rolly is made of “impact-resistant and durable poly-carbonate” and ABS plastic, and has two foldable arms that keep a smartphone or a tablet in an upright position. The Rolly keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect with devices featuring Bluetooth 3.0 support or higher, and features auto-pairing and the ability to toggle between two gadgets with a key press. It is power-driven by a single AAA battery up to three months of average use.

The keyboard will be available in the United States in September followed by other markets in the fourth quarter. Local pricing and availability is expected closer to launch.

You can view the rollable LG Keyboard in action here:

With the increasing number of smartphones and tablets in the market, the Rolly keyboard definitely has an opportunity to avail. It also offers a unique design proposition that has not been explored before. The keyboard is an easy-to-carry stick that won’t occupy much area in a backpack, purse, or a briefcase. Although, the stick still has the keyboard’s length, it is definitely more portable than a non-fold-able keyboard of that size.

You can now roll your keyboard in your bag! How cool is that? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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