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5 Examples of Amazing and Brilliant video campaigns

During the past few years, video marketing has proven to be one of the most successful marketing tactics. Have a look at 5 brilliant examples of how businesses are using video marketing for their campaigns:

  1. Dove’s #ChooseBeautiful

Dove’s #ChooseBeautiful campaign called for women around the world to abandon the society’s narrow standards of beauty and replace them with the message of female empowerment. The campaign is an almost four minute video showing women in five global cities being offered the option to enter a building door: one labelled ‘Beautiful’ and the other ‘Average’. Most women walk through the ‘Average’ door, but slowly, they start walking through the ‘Beautiful’’ door.
Watch the video to know how they stopped walking through the ‘Average’ door, and started walking through the ‘Beautiful’ door, embracing themselves as beautiful women.

2. American Greetings #Worldstoughestjob

This video campaign shows people being interviewed for a ‘Director of Operations’ that has brutal and shocking demands like standing almost all the time, no time to sleep, degree in medicine, finance and culinary arts necessary, no vacations, constantly exerting yourself and no salary etc. Only 24 people inquired about the job and were interviewed via webcam, and their reactions were captured.

Watch the video to know what happened. Trust us, it is worth watching till the end.

3. Always #Likeagirl

Always is on a continuous flow to make sure girls have high confidence during all ages. Young and older girls/women and boys/men were asked to do things ‘’like a girl’. The results were unbelievable. The young, pre-pubescent girls performed these actions confidently and assertively, while older women and men performed these actions in a self–condemnatory and playful manner. After watching the video, it became clear that there is point in life that women begin to take the negative implications when doing things. This video is an eye-opener to help people change their views on what it means to do something #LikeaGirl, in being more strong and confident.

4. Samsung’s ‘Holiday Dreams’

In this animated video, Samsung used 74 of its devices, from the 2 inch screen to a 65 inch TV. The video shows the story of a girl’s dream about chasing her holiday stocking and the animations shows her moving through the devices different screens before she finally goes back to her bedroom.

5. Facebook’s ‘How to’ tutorials

Facebook has created an extensive list of ‘How to’ tutorials that aim to provide solutions to their users most common questions in a way that is attractive and entertaining. Facebook relates most of its tutorials to real-life scenarios such as blocking your ex, or unblocking when you get back together, making it very interesting to watch.

Which favourite videos would you add to the list? Share with us in the comments below.

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