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Top 5 Online Marketing Trends

Changes and advancements in the digital marketing field are rapidly increasing, and can be difficult to keep up. It is no astonishment that social media has changed the face of digital marketing. The revolution is so great that the line between traditional and digital marketing has blurred and many companies are accepting the requirement of having a digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing trends 2015

We round up the 5 most dominant trends of online marketing.

  1. Mobile optimization

It is imperative for every business to adapt efficiently to reach consumers on any screen as many users may be browsing your website through their mobile devices. On 21st April, 2015, Google rolled out a new update which penalizes any website that lacks mobile-friendly pages by decreasing the site’s ranking in mobile search results. This importance is apparent in the recent launch of the feature in Google Webmaster Tools called Mobile Usability. Thus, mobile optimization has become very significant and in order to be successful, businesses need to incorporate mobile into all arenas of their digital marketing.


  1. Social media ads

There has been an upsurge in paid advertisements, as organic post reach continues to fail and Facebook restricts what types of posts can be shown in users’ feeds. Businesses are seeing positive results from their investment in social media, included increased exposure and traffic. Furthermore, social media offers significant potential with prospective customers, and if you are not advertising on social media platforms, you are missing out on great opportunities.

  1. Content marketing

Businesses that are consistently creating valuable and relevant content through a variety of channels are gaining consumers trust. This typically involves applicable industry information that provides understanding or entertainment to an audience. Doing so permits a company to progressively build a relationship with its demographic and develop a loyal following. Furthermore, good content not only establishes you as dependable and a reliable source, but can also benefit you with your SEO and search rankings. Fresh, authentic and quality copywriting is therefore a must!

  1. Video marketing

With video becoming increasingly more prevalent and together with improved analytics, it is significant that marketers either continue or start to engage with their customers through this channel. Videos are perfect to show how a service or product works in such a way that is impossible to achieve with text or images only. This trend is most likely to continue, with increasing companies giving them a prominent role in the user experience tactics.


  1. Email marketing

Email is one of the oldest form of digital communication and may seem to you as an outdated model. Well, it may not be as popular as social media or SEO, however, a recent study reveals that email marketing averages in ROI of $40 dollars (approximately 1,408 MUR). Using personalization in your email marketing campaigns can increase click through rates rapidly. Furthermore, you can segment your subscriber list through demographics, interests, activity, goal activity, or any other data that is relevant to your business.

So, what digital marketing trends will you be using in the months ahead?


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