Are you monitoring your website traffic, visitor acquisition, geographical areas and demographics? If not, then you must consider Web Analytics to keep everything in check!

We will ensure that your site is becoming your driving source of revenue.

Having a website without a web analytics program is almost useless! Many website owners have heard about this term but however, not everyone is fully aware of how useful this can be. So what is web analytics after all? Think of it as a “crystal ball”, where you can get secret information about your viewers and your marketing campaigns. Data coming from web analytics is a legal way of entering your consumer’s minds and therefore, it is something that no firm can afford to neglect.

Here is a list of some of the important data that our web analytics program will give you:

  • Who are your visitors and how are they getting to your site
  • See where your best visitors are located
  • Learn what activities people are doing on your site
  • Identify your top and worst performing pages
  • See what online campaigns bring more traffic
  • Find out if you need a mobile site
  • Social networks overview

Now you must be wondering how these data will help you. After having your analytics data, your business can optimise marketing campaigns, improve their website usability, target audience and take other strategic actions. For example, you may be investing the same amount of time and efforts on Facebook and Instagram but it may be that your Instagram account is generating more traffic. After knowing this with the web analytics tools, you can spend more time on Instagram and re-evaluate your Facebook strategy for better outcomes.

At Sphere Media Technologies, we believe that web analytics is a must for any business that wants to expand and grow on the internet. Our team of web analysts will make sure that you are not missing out on any valuable information that could increase your website efficiency! We love to make a difference in our customer’s life.

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