Ranjana Foogooa

Managing director

CEO and Founder of Sphere Media Technologies, Ranjana has 12 years experience in Digital Marketing. Having started her career at Shopping.com, later acquired by eBay Inc., Ranjana was among the first in Europe to join the online space.

With a technical background of Computer Engineering and Networking, Ranjana has in-depth digital marketing knowledge and expertise through driving advertising campaigns and working with major search engines like Google, Yahoo!

Ranjana has led and implemented EU-wide online revenue generation strategies for Apple/iTunes, P&O Ferries, Vodafone, Expedia and other market movers and shakers, while being based in London.

“There was a gap in the market and it presented itself as an opportunity to bring change. Sphere Media Technologies was created to fill this gap and to help clients differentiate themselves, build their digital footprint and join the ever-changing, revolutionary, digital band-wagon.”

E-mail: ranjana.foogooa@spheremedialtd.com


Ervin Mohoonee

Operations Manager

“Getting things done”

Ervin is a digital marketing strategist specializing in SEM, SEO and PPC & has planned, managed and implemented digital campaigns for local & international brands during the last 8 years in numerous industries and believes in working in true partnership with clients and ensuring that they maximize the opportunities created by the changing digital landscape within their business.

Ervin’s background in on-page and off-page SEO coupled with his expertise in social media, content development and marketing strategy make him a well-rounded asset to the Sphere Media Technologies team. Ervin is determined to stay atop the ever-evolving world of digital marketing and enjoys learning and adapting to its new tools and strategies.

He is an avid fan of the English Premier League football.

E-mail: ervin@spheremedialtd.com


Arassen Moorougapillay

Graphic Designer

Arassen knew from a very young age that his artistic vision and love for design would lead him to a career in Graphic Designing.

His 9 years of experience in the artistic industry has helped develop his creative thinking and shaped him into a well-versed professional in several areas. Along with designing compelling visual graphics, Arassen is an expert photographer, videographer and layout artist.

With a strong passion for the creative world, Arassen is motivated by challenges and is determined to deliver creative and innovative work. He is a fan of cinematography.

For him, creativity has no limits.

E-mail: arassen@spheremedialtd.com



Selven Mootoosamy

Digital Account Executive

Selven has always framed this world as a huge canvas where he can express himself artistically. His passion for arts and words has led him to what he stands for today.

One of his field of interest is branding; bringing a contemporary artistic touch to brand positioning and merging it to a professional background. With a bachelor degree in management with finance and a great affinity for art, this ambitious young man brings together the best of both worlds in his career focus. The marketing field for him is just the golden opportunity for him to express himself both as an artist and as a management bachelor.

‘’Music is a must to be inspired!’

E-mail: selven@spheremedialtd.com

Esha Dwarka

Digital Account Executive

Before joining Sphere Media as Account Executive, Esha has worked in market research sector and had a brief stint in a hospitality start up.

She is very eclectic in her hobbies but is a certified bookworm. She reads anything that passes on her hand. Her latest obsession is the digital world; more specifically digital marketing and how it can influence people. She is passionate about feminism, tattoos, wine, coffee, food, travelling and rugby (but not in the same order!). Oh! And she is a certified wanderlust person and an epicurean.

E-mail: esha@spheremedialtd.com


Account Management Team

They are passionate, they are young, they are dynamic and they believe in making the difference. Our wonderful Digital Acccount Management Team is in charge of clients’ portfolio, implementing all aspects of our clients’s strategies.

Innovation, research and strategy implementation are their core responsibilities.


A satellite of key players

A bunch of tech-savvy and extremely passionate individuals who have 1 thing in common: A crazy drive for Digital Innovation!

They help create and build the latest Web Designs, Apps and Online Tools to enhance our clients’ online presence.