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Being on top of search engine rankings helps you stay among the top – whether online or offline!

Search Engine Optimisation may sound like a new word to you, but however, for the business world it is not. It has been here since ages and those who adopted it earlier have already gained huge benefits, but it is never too late to dip your toe in the water.

Let’s now get straight to the point. The SEO that we know today may not necessarily be the SEO that we will abide by tomorrow. SEO evolves so rapidly with updates happening every other week, if not, more frequently that we need to maintain an evolving SEO strategy. It has to be an ongoing methods with proper tracking in place so that we can adapt and improve your search engine rankings. Basically, SEO helps search engines rank your websites rank higher than others in a search query. Have a look at why SEO is awesome:


  • Your own 24/7 marketing team
  • Increases your local and global visibility
  • The results are permanent
  • It takes your business to the next level
  • It is cost-effective

Don’t you want to stand out among the 250 million websites? If you want to benefit from online marketing, you definitely need to have an SEO strategy.

Our search engine optimisation experts at Sphere Media Technologies will strive to implement the best strategies for your website in order to ensure a top ranking on major search engines. We love to see our customers on top! Please use our Contact Us form now to find more details about our SEO services.

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Our reach is global. We are based in Mauritius but we provide digital brand identity positioning services for both local and international clients.

digital-marketing-spheremediaAt SPHERE MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES, we like to keep our clients ahead of the competition. Digital marketing strategies can provide multiple growth opportunities, better consumer interaction and customization options. Our digital marketing strategy is crafted to achieve what matters most to you, create a unique brand experience and reach maximum potential consumers across the many touch points and channels.

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