Successful email marketing tactics can be very successful and can result in potential return. However, with various resources and advanced email marketing software, there are many mistakes still made.  To prevent you from making an error, we list down five common mistakes that are often overlooked, along with tips you can use for a successful email marketing campaign.


Mistake 1 – No Call to Action

Even if your email has a great subject line and persuasive content, it will not be effective if there is no call to action in the body, i.e., a way for the customer to connect with you. The idea behind releasing an email campaign is so that readers can take some action whether it is clicking your link to read your blog or website. If the viewers are interested but find it difficult to click, you will lose business. However, you must also take into consideration to not overdo it, such as by including many call to actions and blinking buttons in one email.

Tip – Clear goal, call to action and a button link

Mistake 2 – Inbox errors

  • Subject line – One of the most common mistakes while sending emails is an overhyped subject line. Also, one thing that users dislike the most is when the subject line implies something but the content is different.

Tip -Short, clear and enticing subject line with the content being relevant to the subject

  • Inapt and boring content – If the email content is boring, people will not want to finish reading or ever read again. Most likely, they would put the email into junk. When you send your emails, it is important to have great content that people are interested to read and look forward to receiving.

Tip – Interesting and relevant content

  • Grammatical errors– When it includes email marketing, there can be nothing more embarrassing then sending out an email campaign to hundreds of recipients, only to find out you have made grammatical errors through which you can lose your credibility. The content should also be appealing, referring to both visual and written content.

Tip- Utilize your editors properly

  • Sending from – Sending emails from noreply or donotreply sender addresses are unwelcoming which makes the open rate very low. People want to have a conversation with people and not donotreply addresses.

Tip- Send emails from an address customers can reply to

Mistake 3 – Sending emails without testing

It is important to send emails only once you have tested them on mobile devices, tablets and PCs as there are many people connected to their emails via mobile devices. There are chances of having some template changes and testing is one of the effective ways to avoid it.

Tip- Test your emails before sending them and use responsive web design

Mistake 4 – Junk email tendencies

Everything in your email campaigning is perfect and polished with clear content, however, your email lands in the junk folder of the recipient. One of the reasons for emails landing in junk is attachments and spam related words and phrases, such as, free, limited time, open now, @#$% etc. Spam filters catch such phrases and words which leads to the email going in junk. Also, many customer have images disabled or they block email images by default. Thus, unless the readers have the option to download images, they may miss on your campaigning.

Tip-Avoid spam tendencies and include call to action

Mistake 5 – Not segmenting your list

The one size fits all approach no longer works. The message needs to be relevant to the customer, which makes it necessary to segment the list. Sending the same email to all customers is incorrect. Rather, you should be sure to send the right message to the right recipient by segmenting the customer based on the offer. Demographic, income, gender or context of emails. Thus, the emails should feel like a personal conversation.

Tip- Segmenting customers either by buying behaviour, product interests, locations etc.


There you go!

You do definitely NOT want to make these errors and take into consideration the tips provided, by which you can run a successful email marketing campaign and maximize you return.


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