Looking for a web design company in Mauritius? We provide professional web design to help you meet your goals. Set your unique mark in the virtual world.


Do you need a responsive & professional website design for  your business or individual use? You are at the right place.

Websites are now one of the first impression that a company or organization gives to its potential customers; it can either make customers for life or make potential customers run away. The web designing industry is playing a very important role in promoting businesses or marketing products and services.  Nowadays, almost anyone can build a website but it does not mean that they can design it or make it user-friendly. This is where the role of a web designer comes in.

A web designer will use various higher level programming languages to create a good styling and layout of the page. Whenever you see a well-designed website, remember that there is a lot of coding that goes behind it. Would you buy something on a site that looks unprofessional? Certainly not. This is why it is very essential to have a well-designed website.

At Sphere Media Technologies, we can build and design your websites, as well as managing them. You can have a look at some of our portfolios down below.

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Our reach is global. We are based in Mauritius but we provide digital brand identity positioning services for both local and international clients.

digital-marketing-spheremediaAt SPHERE MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES, we like to keep our clients ahead of the competition. Digital marketing strategies can provide multiple growth opportunities, better consumer interaction and customization options. Our digital marketing strategy is crafted to achieve what matters most to you, create a unique brand experience and reach maximum potential consumers across the many touch points and channels.

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