Do you remember the dark ages of 80’s tech? Fast forward to 2015, and see the unexpected changes in the technological world. Oh, do you remember the famous colourful floppy disks we used during high school? Here comes #nostalgia.

Going down memory lane…

1. From cassette to MP3 Player

cassette mp3 player

Yes, cassette players were the first ‘portable’ music devices, although they were not very portable. You had to choose your favourite cassette tape to play on repeat in your ‘portable’ cassette players before heading out, or pack an exclusively selected set of tapes to be played on a long trip. The introduction of MP3 players blessed music fans with an absolutely portable format.

2. The evolution of phone chargers

phone chargers

We’ve all been through this. That moment when you’re camping or on a weekend away and your phone dies, and you have no other means to charge your device.  What do you do? You feel like heading back home straightaway and plugging your marvellous charger into your phone. Fortunately, now there are little portable chargers to fit the smallest of handbags, allowing you to stay “alive” 24/7.

3. From brick phones to smartphones

evolution of mobile phones

The evolution of portable phones is really surprising. Remember those thick black or while mobile phones, which felt like you were holding a 0.5l bottle each time you were using your phone? Not to forget, its keypad where you had to press number 7 four times to type in letter ‘S’. Who would have thought that one day we would have mobile phones which can fit in a baby’s hands and with no keypads? Well, lucky generation.

4. From floppy disks to USBs and portable hard drives

floppy disks and usbs

It was not so long ago that we stored all our important documents on the floppy disk. In the late 80’s, the 3.5-inch floppy disk could hold a maximum of 1.44MB. Yes, that’s not even the memory one selfie takes. You would need 711 1.44MB floppy disks to equal to 1 Gigabyte. Now, we have small portable USBs which allow you to store up to 512 GB, equivalent to approximately 355555 floppy disks. Wow!

5. From desktop computers to tablets and laptops

desktop computers laptops

Solitaires, Pinball… From the one antique super-slow family computer that used to be the reason behind most siblings fights, to the introduction of a tablet for each member of the family, our interaction with computers has changed drastically. Today, the tablets are way faster than the desktop computers 30 years ago. And easier to carry around as well!


We can’t wait to see the coming technological advancements!