What if Mickey Mouse was ‘insta-blogging’ about mini’s crazy cooking? What about Disneyland Paris ‘insta-picturing’ their daily chariots parades? And what’s with harry potter uploading wizardry selfies on the social media’s most engaging platform for photos – INSTAGRAM? If the fairy land mayors are able to sell their brand there then your business can too!


E-branding is to your business, what the king is to the kingdom; A MUST! Instagram is an ecosystem with a broad array of market opportunities and immerse potential to bake up an audience. With the ‘Insta_branding’ phenomenon mushrooming around the social media network, your business is bound to one simple call of action: engage yourself to your due diligence and commit to this marketing channel that promises adequate resonance for your brand.
What the internet is offering today is a highly targeted visual advertising channel for your brand. This social media hub has fiercely entered the market like a massive snow avalanche and has become a hybrid attraction for both regular audiences and publishers which looks upon Instagram to build their audience tree and create the ‘brand addict’ feeling through daily photos and ‘insta-posts’.


‘Some Insta_post per day keeps competitors away’

The reason is obvious; Instagram is a diversified, captivating and strong story telling medium where potential brand can freeze their audience’s attention, inspire them, and build the corporate’s narrative with just ONE photo a day!- an undebatable power indeed. Living proofs of ‘insta-brand-success’ are the major blockbusters like VOGUE and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHY who rose from a zero follower counts to thousands and even millions. Still doubting the powers of insta- branding? Or is it Disney’s magic spreading on this platform too?


It all begins with a well design Instagram strategy which involves much more than just posting photos. In order to push in your brand though this platform, is to focus on a visual identity, a visual style guide and a circulation strategy which will help your business to frame the type of photos and images to share and the timing to do so.

Today we are concern with engagement levels which help to strengthen the ‘business – client’ relationship. Indeed ‘insta-branding’ will help you reach the massive audience you need to engage yourself for future prospects. And with the revolutionary HASHTAGS’, you can today create your own real time trend and capitalise upon them diligently.
Consequently with an early foot in this ground, you will have an edge over your fellow competitors in the market and with a well settled following, investments in PPC will drive you further. This E-ecosystem is as enchanting and magical as the wonderland of Alice. Indeed WONDERS do happen there. Insta-branding will change the way you conceive a regular business running.

It’s a story in the making, so make your brand become a core part of it.