Virtual experience has just been taken to another level. Striving to pin the right comfort Facebook has introduce loads of immersive and interactive content to your newsfeeds lately; what matters to them, is the ultimate connection with their users.

After the introduction of videos, Facebook goes deeper with a new 360 ° spin-able video concept. YES! You can now have an ultimate 360 degree view just by swiping your cursor through the video while it is being played. The social media has embraced this technological newbie and is now one of the most demanding spot for potential movie trailering, advertising or gaming freaks.



In the view of enhancing an exciting mobile experience, spin-able videos are viewable both on large screens and on mobiles; done by either dragging with your finger or flipping your mobile to choose the angle you want to view the video from. This spherical feature also allows you to have this 360 ° experience by simply turning on yourself while holding your gadget and the video shall follow the move.

On the other hand web users can do this by only dragging around the video interface through their cursors. The world is now open to a sphere of possible angles; you choose which one fits you best.



As much as entertaining this new video feature could be to the social media users, it also present itself as an optimal platform of promotion. Creative minds all around the globe are already thinking of it as an engaging content to attract customers and users. Indeed the 360 degree medium will stride further the organic interaction between businesses and customers through impressive advertising videos. Modern corporate is at the cutting edge of marketing through this new medium and revolutionise the digital marketing era.

’The world is yours now, you spin to your favourite angle’