From the fine dinette set up to the perfectly centered bow-tie of the concierge-guy, every single detail present within the restaurant environment will be scrutinise carefully and will eventually contribute to its brand proliferation and return on investment.

However backstage, the finesse plays a greater role: For the brand to grow and spread homogeneously within its market, a Huge panel of professional will churn the social media to grab the latest marketing trends and strategies to market their restaurant and retain customer loyalty. Today restaurants are striving to remain on top due to fierce competition, and as a restaurant manager, your marketing plan MUST be one of your core-focus. Here are some restaurant marketing tips to help you improve your business.



TOP TIP 1: Consistent and rigid Online Presence -SEO for restaurants

Google is today your ultimate itinerary guide for your quick eat overs and culinary experiences: from a quick Chinese, to a delicate ‘Haut- Cuisine’. Since virtually every person has access to a pc, a smart phone or a smart tablet, no business can go side this marketing revolution. This field of specialized online marketing is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it’s full of all sorts of new buzzwords and tricks to get to the first page of search results for your potential customers. Since search engines constantly change up how they choose results (to stops spammers!) it can feel daunting to keep up, yet easy to get acquainted to.


WHY SEO? By not maintaining a web presence, or having a web page that plays poorly with search engines, you might as well be invisible. For you to affirm your online presence you should:

1.Ensure that the results you are delivering is useful to potential searchers (clients). As such, you can never go wrong by making sure that everyone who visits your website finds informative and engaging content.

2.Brainstorm what you Believe the top search terms potential customers might use and include them in the text of your website. However, make sure to include them in a natural way- don’t just scatter them in for the sake of having them.

Group of people at a restaurat having dinner being served by a waiter

“… make sure you have a strong online presence. It seems as if every time I ask a guest how they found out about us, they say they ‘googled it’.” – Mike Jahshan of Ollo


Best of all, most online communities let you easily measure the success of your outreach in the form of likes, followers or subscribers and membership in these services is absolutely free. Most major brands use them as part of their marketing strategy and it’s great for getting noticed in your community, collecting feedback and responding to what your customers are really thinking.

social media is such a huge part of modern marketing that you could create an entire guide just devoted to that and still only scrape the surface of what there is to know. For this to happen, restaurant marketers need to consider some major criteria as listed below:



Be true and real: the consumers of today are pretty much savvy and can easily identify your lack of engagement and passion into your social media marketing. What they want today is engaging and emotional experiences, to hear about your cheering times and your struggle to reach the top. Which brings us to another major criterion: Regular and Loads of Post. Frequently updating with QUALITY and RELEVANT posts is key to making your social media accounts look alive, which attracts people to you. Fresh posts constantly bring your content to new eyes, and that means possible new customers.

Finally, to close the deal for a perfect social media marketing, the last criteria would be sharing! Because sharing is community building: as much effort you might investing to make your posts relatable, the SOCIAL aspect should not be neglected. Indeed, take your time to respond, narrate and re-share content you feel would trigger the interest of your customers.

Make your content so compelling, whether in its beauty, or relevancy, or innovation, or animation that fans and potential customers will want to share the experience wither with their friends or first-hand, by coming to your restaurant.