The most popular social media platform, Facebook keeps integrating new features in its platform. In this second article, you will get to know more about some other new features of Facebook.

Facebook Messenger games
A new feature was introduced in Messenger and much to the surprise of its users. Messenger is no longer just a platform to communicate with friends and families. Among the multiple features which were recently added, Messenger Games are the best. Its aim is to make the app more interesting for existing users and attract more people to download the app. What is interesting to know is that the games do not need require any installation. You just choose your favourite game whether it is Pac Man or Everwing or Snake. 80s & 90s peeps, Messenger Games are a treasure trove for us. Fear not! You will also find branded games based on movies such as Batman Lego. You’ve got time to kill, start a game on Messenger. Want to challenge a friend? Go ahead.

Facebook Messenger Day
Facebook Messenger Day is somewhat a copy of the famous Snapchat Stories. Messenger comes with a feature that enables you to share small videos and photos to your friends and have a lifetime of 24 hours. You can share as many photos as you want, edit them the way you like with the different frames, emojis and stickers. Messenger Day is used to express your current state, how you are feeling and what you are doing. Whether you are bored or you are at a shopping mall, you can share everything. The good thing is that you can share your Messenger Day directly to a friend or share on your Messenger so that your “friends” can view it. However, it is still not available to businesses for use.

Facebook Story and in-built Camera
Facebook launched Facebook Story which is almost like the Facebook Messenger Day. You can upload photos and small videos that have a lifetime of 24 hrs. You have multiple filters and frames which you can use to edit your photos. Facebook Story allows you to know who has viewed your Story. Along with that update, Facebook Camera was integrated. It has Snapchat-like filters ranging from more generic ones to branded one such as Wonderwoman that was used to promote the movie.

Facebook Weekly Highlights for Profiles
Facebook has introduced Weekly Highlights for Profiles that enables you to know who has been reacting and commenting to your post lately. The idea behind it is to encourage users to maintain the sharing culture.

Facebook video Cover
It is now possible for a user to upload a small video as their Facebook Cover. Instead of a photo, you can have a 90 seconds video as your Cover. The video should be at least 820 x 312 pixels. As with all videos on Facebook, it will start automatically without sound. This new feature adds some life to Profiles and to Pages making them more interesting.

Facebook adds Page Star Ratings to Business Ads
Users like to go through pages that have good reviews and many stars. Facebook has identified that and decided to add Page Star Ratings to Business Ads. The aim is to enable businesses to stand out from the crowd. This new feature enables your pages to get more traffic and increase conversions from ads.

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Facebook Marketing keeps getting more and more interesting. The key is to use the new features correctly.

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