We can’t deny all the hustle and bustle that this merry season brings to everyone around you but also to your business. However, the preparation for this frantic chaos should happen well beforehand. Do not miss out on this massive opportunity (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Panic Saturday); make it a must to get everyone involved in the spirit of Christmas, buckle up their jingle bells and go for a magical marketing ride on the social media channels to boost up your brand, sales and revenues. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss, right?

Sadly enough, many businesses fail to fully capitalize on the goodwill factor that they can engender during this holy time of the year.


Looking for ways to stand out this Christmas season? Here are for you, few tips that will help you ‘jingle’ on the social media, bring in more traffic and generate great brand recognition.

#1 Come up with a seasonal Fan content campaign 

Christmas is all about giving and sharing and this is exactly what you want for your business over this season. Encourage your Facebook audience to create and share holiday-themed content by using a branded hashtag and make it viral. Also, you might want to consider incorporating rewards which will make it more compelling and appealing for your audience to interact. Those rewards can be giveaways, a video featuring, gift cards, vouchers and many more.

If you intend to extend the campaign to your Instagram page, you might want to consider the Iconosquare to help you run the contests to increase fan content, pre- scheduling the content and moderate bulk responses.




Remember to prompt users to use your campaign hashtag so you‘ll be able to find their content, as Starbucks did with #RedCupContest. Use a tool like Gramfeed to help you sort through Instagram content quickly.

#2 Partner with a cause and bring a smile!

Christmas holidays is the optimal season for generous deeds, amongst which giving back is a prioritised move both for your community and your brand reputation. While focusing on sharing and giving to others, many of your customers and potential followers will not only take more notice of your charitable work and donations but will also be more interested to participate along with you and contribute to the joy of this merry season.


Some companies might opt for money donations, food or toys which will be distributed at a local charity, some might wish to hold a Christmas event to raise funds, however, whichever approach your business wishes to adopt, supporting a charity can be a massive opportunity for positive brand-building. Just one move: feature content of your company’s good deeds via Instagram or Facebook post. Support your actions with posts from either your employees doing volunteer work or snaps of the bundle you are giving away to charity houses or even the joyful face of those needful while receiving their gifts.

Note that your company and your staff have to believe in the cause that they wish to stand for on that day. Publicity for the sake of publicity may not necessarily be the best approach. Embrace your actions and your beliefs and it will automatically appeal to your audience and create that emotional connection with your brand and what it stands for.

#3 send a wish: Email- Marketing

Your mail box has been painful over the year? Not this season! Break the coldness of your mailbox and send a seasonal message around a compelling promotion/ special Christmas offer to show your thankfulness and concern to your customers along with a free gift with purchase or a discount card.

It may even to say a simple thank you and wishing everyone well.

Till then, MERRY HO HO!