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Peeple - An app that let you rate people

Don’t you know a lot of people who are extremely praiseworthy and some who are the exact opposite? Well, with a new app launching this November, you’ll soon be able to rate people, just like you rate products and services on review sites, for example hotels on TripAdvisor.

Yes it’s happening and it’s called Peeple.

Peeple promises to “revolutionise the way we’re seen in the world through our relationships”. Whether you want to praise a co-worker or give feedback on an awful friend, this platform will let you express honest and frank opinions using a 5-star scale.

The details

Of course, it won’t be the kind of thing where you can just sit behind your screen and make or ruin someone’s online reputation. To join the service, you must be at least 21, have an established Facebook account and use your own name. All reviews are broken down in three categories: personal, romantic and professional. You can also improve your public “positivity rating” by sending out more positive ratings than negative ones.

The founders confirmed that there will be strict ways to ensure that you actually know people you are rating. If you are adding someone new to the site’s database, you will need to have their mobile number – another way of ensuring you really know the person. After all, you don’t have everyone’s mobile number! Positive reviews of three stars or more will be posted immediately while reviews of lesser stars will be sent to the subject’s inbox and the latter is given 48 hours to work it out among themselves. If not, it will go live and the user will only be able to defend this in public.

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One good thing about it is that the reviews expire after a year, which helps the person to have more relevant reviews in the future. And unfortunately, reviews cannot be deleted unless users report it for violating Peeple’s terms and conditions.

People’s opinions





While to some extent this app may spread positive ratings and help people choose their friends and family wisely, it can also cause harm to some. Good ratings can help you have a strong online reputation, get better job opportunities and network with like-minded people.

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