Today, Business owners and corporate leaders are most aware of the triple mantra to effective marketing strategy: A killing web design, an immaculate social media presence, and an excellent community relationship. However Social media is an ongoing growing platform; With everyday improvements and innovations, business owners should keep track and be aware how to exploit them for maximizing on Leads.

 Pinterest laddering.

The image gallery, Pinterest is no longer the passive platform for food visuals, hairstyles, and wedding plans. 2016 saw experimentation with new ad units, including Cinematic Pins, video, and greater targeting capabilities. Industries largely focus on whatever is easiest to measure: last click. Pinterest is creating “Net New Demand,” which comes from values outside of last click, shifting gears that measure first touch, rather than last.

 Tip: Get in on Pinterest’s new ad options early and learn what works best while the competition’s light.



Facebook becomes wilder

This social powerhouse kicked off 2017 with a bang. Their dynamic ad format now captures shopper intent from both on- and off-Facebook signals that puts them in a similar league as Google. No longer are ads just a remarketing tool, but one that retailers can use to find new customers. Add to cart? Yes, please.

2016 was all about the power of video. We know Page Post Ads, we were introduced to Facebook Live, and we now expect new ways to advertise with and possibly within videos. Don your rich media hat.

Familiar with Canvas? Brands essentially build a microsite within Facebook, which is a great way to tell a story and capture attention, but not so great at driving traffic outside the platform. And a stronger metric than ‘Time on Canvas’ is needed if they want brands to continue to invest time and resources here.

Tip: Get your brand camera-ready. Video is the new black.



Instagram gets serious about revenue

The end of the dreaded “Link in bio” phrase is nigh! In the new year, Instagram will be adding clickable links to its feed, not just to its ad units. As marketers, we’re hoping this is intended to improve the user experience. The move tells us they’re targeting people with high intent to not just engage, but also purchase.

There are 150 million Instagrammers using Stories daily on Instagram, and soon they’ll have another layer to play with: video ads. It’ll let brands express themselves with vertical video, capturing attention with motion and sound with just a swipe of your thumb. Instagram will be releasing this feature within the coming months. 2017 will be a balancing act for Instagram, as they take steps toward monetizing the platform without alienating the audience.

2017, should be your year!

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