Trying to Outlook WhatsApp’s Monopoly isn’t easy stuff at all. However, Google hopes that its new app, Allo, will persuade people to leave WhatsApp, the social media guru, Facebook Messenger and Viber behind. It is indeed an uphill struggle but Allo, which is available on iOS and Android, has some neat features that streamline texting and add some personality to your messages.


How is ALLO different?

Google Assistant

Indeed, the built-in Google Assistant can help you in several ways. Just imagine having Google search in the app. You can ask it anything and it will respond with the answer lifted from a webpage. It can send images, too. Ask for a picture of an Adidas shoes and you’ll get several to choose from. And, you can click the responses to be taken straight to the full website if you want to learn more. That’s not all your new assistant can do. It can set alarms, tell you what restaurants are nearby and send you quizzes

Smart Reply

Alo has been rated as a very responsive an quick app so far. Allo doesn’t rewrite the rules on texting, but it does its best to make it as quick as possible. Let’s face it, the most painful part of texting is typing. As advanced as touchscreen keyboards have become, for most of us our fingers still aren’t as accurate or as quick as we would like. Spelling errors and temperamental auto corrections that so easily turn innocent words into something quite the opposite are common (and usually hilarious), which is why Allo does its best to get rid of typing altogether.


When you receive a text, Smart Reply will give you a list of responses. Receive a text saying, ‘What are you up to today?’ and Allo’s optional responses may be ‘Working’ or ‘Relaxing at home’. Your response becomes one click.

Personalised picture messaging

Pictures say a thousand words and now it’s as cheap to send a selfie or a screenshot as it is a wordy text message.

There is enough new in Allo that you should at least give it a try – even if you only talk to your Google Assistant. The smart reply makes texting a one-tap affair and the speed makes the whole experience of texting more enjoyable.


This is why its time say Hello to Alo!




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