Social media is evolving and that means it’s also changing the way we do business. Although it’s picked up in the last few years, the idea of social media marketing for your business has been around long enough to have spurred a few misconceptions.

Sphere Media has seen brands acting out these misconceptions multiple times. Hence, we took it upon ourselves to debunk these myths!

Myth 1: Likes! Likes! More Likes! The Page Likes greed

“We have 5,000 fans!” or “Within 1 week of creating our Facebook Page, we got more than 10,000 fans.”

We have heard this numerous times while meeting potential new clients. It’s tempting to measure your social media strategy by the size of your audience. But keep in mind that just because someone is following you, it doesn’t mean they’re reading everything you post. Followers are good but a better metric is engagement.

The engagement on social media is when fans perform some actions on your page. They might like a post, click on a link a brand has shared, click on the ‘Buy’ or ‘Call’ button or comment on a photo or video.  At the end of the day, engagement-oriented metrics say a lot more about how well you’re doing on social media than vanity metrics like your number of followers.

The lesson here is to make sure your audience is engaged with your social media activity. And at Sphere Media, we have geared our clients’ online strategy to ensure a high engagement. We can will also do a social media auditing for you.

Myth 2: The ‘Like the page, share the post’ or ‘Like the page and get people to like your photo/artwork’ to win campaign

Getting likes for your page is not everything (See Myth 1). Asking a fan to share his post just for the sake of winning or asking fans to acquire likes for their own picture/artwork is not the intelligent way to acquire visibility and engagement.

Database is the gold mine for Digital Marketing as marketers get to know who has an interest in their brands. Therefore, they get a very precise idea of their target market and its demographic. Sphere Media is aware of the importance of a database and how to use them appropriately. We have been doing this for all clients.

Myth 3: “My brand need to be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and all other social media.”

It’s awesome to see brands put so much effort to be present on social media but it’s not important to be on every social media platform. What you need to consider before deciding on the social media platform you will be are:

  • Your target demographic: You need to see which social media platform has the most number of people on it and most importantly you need to see on which social media platform your target market is. Except for the hospitality industry, we can be sure that Twitter is not a social media platform for brands targeting locals.

  • Functionality: Each social network specializes in something. For example, Instagram is great for visually showcasing your product. Which platforms best suit your product or service?

  • Specific metrics: Based on your business goals and objectives, you’ll most likely have some key metrics that you’re looking to achieve. It might be driving more traffic to your site or increasing social shares. Consider which platforms will help generate the results you’re seeking.

We will be able to create or further strengthen your digital brand identity positioning.

Myth 4: Social media is separate from the rest of your marketing strategy

Your social media strategy will deliver best results when it factors in things such as content creation, brand advocacy, and SEO. Social must be supported by several other digital initiatives to work effectively. If you’ve thoroughly studied your target demographic and have nailed down the best times to post, you still need the right piece of content to encourage engagement. This can be a photo or a video for social media platforms. We will help you to define these.

Sphere Media is the go to digital marketing agency for your digital strategies. We have always defined our clients’ online strategies in an intelligent way without taking into consideration these myths.

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