B2B businesses still believe that social media marketing is not for them. Even to this day B2B companies are still sceptical of the benefits of social media for their business. Nevertheless, social media marketing done in the right way is very effective for B2B companies.

We will change your perception that social media marketing is only for B2C companies.

Platforms where B2B companies market themselves

If you are a B2B, then you are probably already on LinkedIn. You felt compelled to be on LinkedIn. However, you should not limit yourself to this one ‘business’ platform only.You need to have a strategic and compelling presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (Depending the type of products you are selling and whether interesting boards can be made) and Google+ (as it gives a boost to your SEO).

If you are B2B that targets regional or international companies, it is good to be on Twitter.

Content & social selling

Knowing your target market is primordial as your company’s social media position is important. You should know them at such a level that you are able to create personas. This will help you with your content. Let’s not forget that at least a fraction of them are already on Facebook or Instagram.

Also, never underestimate your products and what they can tell! Hence, you should look beyond your acquired or ‘known’ target market. Lambda people or other companies might not be aware of your products. Others might not know how your products can be useful to them.

The content should never be boring and it should not be in such a way that it alienates non B2B companies.

Your content should have a personality and human touch. Let’s not forget that your products have not only a story but also a history. Some of your products might have a usage that is important and beneficial for other people than your target market. Through social selling, you are introducing prospects into your sales funnel.

We’re no longer at a point where you must question whether social media works for B2B companies. If you haven’t been using social media marketing, you’re already behind. It’s time to hop on board start using social media to grow your brand and get leads.

So, B2B social media is about:

  • Other relevant social media platforms than LinkedIn only
  • Focusing on conversions, site traffic, voice and leads
  • Investing deeply in social media analytics, content and media spend on niche audiences
  • Content which is geared more towards a company’s social audience
  • Content which has a human touch and a conversational tone
  • Engaging with audiences rather than broadcasting
  • Social selling

However, it is primordial to know your target market and to create a relevant strategy. So, to spare you this hard work, contact Sphere Media on on 433 8020, Facebook or on digital@spheremedialtd.com.