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The power of smartphones in Digital Marketing

Technology is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace and the mobile device market is one of the best examples. The mobile industry has been a highly competitive and creative one, accelerated by bigger screens, better Apps, powerful CPUs and more functionalities.

Smartphones are surely small, fitting our hands but mighty screens when it comes to grabbing the attention of millions. Nowadays, people are using smartphones more than laptops and desk computers to surf the internet and even plan their daily routines.

To start you off, we would like to share some key statistics from a recent survey* carried out by The Mauritius Commercial Bank to show you the impact of smartphones on its users:


  • 85% of users aged between 35-44 have a smartphone
  • 83% of users aged between 25-34 have a smartphone
  • 77% of users aged between 18-24 have a smartphone
  • 58% of users surf on social media from their smartphone at least once per day
  • Over 50% of the smartphone users carry out mainly social media activities on it
  • 10.4% of the local population are fully addicted to their smartphones
  • Lastly, weird but true!45% of the population use their smartphones even in toilets and 58% of them goes back to fetch their phone in case they forgot it outside!

So, what could all these mean for a digital marketer? The higher the number of smartphone users, the more it can benefit you and your business! Tailor your marketing initiatives and strategy to include Mobile Marketing. The exciting thing about smartphone is that it does not restrict to social media only. Using a smartphone means being able to access ALL social media platforms, websites, applications and so much more. Well, I guess that we are all familiar with smartphones functionalities. You may even be reading this from your smartphone right now! Do you see the endless opportunities being offered by a smartphone?

As a digital marketer, it is time to get visual on any screen size. Make the most of the opportunity that’s presenting itself to promote your brand. For example, if you are selling online, you may want to include a mobile payment option for better user-friendliness and immediate sales.

Below are some tips on how your business can get the maximum benefit from the massive amount of smartphone users:

  • Responsive web design– Develop mobile-friendly sites to make it easier for consumers to browse and buy
  • Enable mobile add-ons such as mobile payments for quicker transaction process
  • Create a customised Mobile App or Facebook App for your business
  • Integrate QR codes in your products so consumers can track it anytime
  • Update social media account anytime, anywhere
  • Email Marketing– Drop mails in your potential customers’ inbox and they’ll see it in the notification bar
  • Mobile Ads

The mobile industry is constantly changing. With the number of smartphone users on the rise, more people are going to see you and interact with you online. Stay updated and be fast to include emerging technologies into your digital marketing strategies!

*6-22 February 2015

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