Is your email marketing stale? A lot of digital marketers face the struggle of having a good amount of open rates, click through rates and conversion rates. It may be that you are sending the right email but not the right way! So how do you improve your email marketing campaign to maximise your potential return on investment?

There are many ways to breathe life back into an outdated email marketing campaign! We created a list of the top email marketing trends in 2015 to jumpstart your email efforts.

1. Simple email design to work across devices

The focus on responsive email design has encouraged simpler email designs with an emphasis on context, image, call to action and a reduced amount of compact text. Your audience will not bother to read a paragraph to get your marketing message, incorporate a straightforward approach!

Here’s an example from PayPal, to highlight the move towards more straightforward messaging with simple designs:email marketing trends 2015

2. More email animation

If a picture speaks a thousand words, an animated one says more. Email marketers operating mainly in retail are finding that animated gifs are more effective. Have a look at how Bonobos used animated gifs to provide a vibrant, live email to demonstrate how easy it is to remove its tearaway trousers.

bonobos email marketing trends 20153. Segmentation

This means dividing your email list into sections based on your consumer’s buying behaviour; it can be based on demographic, geographic or buying frequency.

Creating separate emails for each segment can be time consuming and that is why we strongly recommend dynamic emails. This is because each recipient’s stage in the buying cycle calls for different levels of interaction and especially different offers and calls to action. For example, a pet shop may segment its email marketing campaigns based on the pet types its consumers have.

Email Trends Segmentation

4. Use of pop-up boxes for mail list growth

With time, your mail list can be biased with an increasing number of inactive users. Companies are now using pop-up boxes on their website as a way of refining and increasing their mail list subscribers. For example:

Email Marketing trends pop-up box

5. Mobile Marketing

As we are moving towards a digital age, with people using more and more digital devices, email designs should be customised for desktop along with mobile and tablets. Opening emails on mobile and tablet devices has increased by 30% in the last 2 years.

Email Marketing Trends 2015 ----

Your design should also fit well ANY devices with ANY screen size.


By creating great email content with demonstrated value that you can deliver on the go, you will earn the attention of prospective clients. So, which email marketing trend are you using for this month’s newsletter? We hope you integrate all of them to have a perfect combo!

Let us know what trends you think we may have missed!